Adventure Summer Camp 2023
Minimum Age

From €220.00

2023 Has arrived and we are back with an exciting Adventure Summer Camp . Young explorers and Thrill Seekers will be out 3 Days a week on a new adventure. The Nature Guardians will have sports and craft activities at Escola Global, with the option of one day out a week. We have new adventure days out to never seen locations for 2023. Children ages 3–12+ will enjoy activities that will help them develop abilities useful & needed to practice these sports in a Safe & friendly environment

Bigger and better than ever, summer 2023 Adventure Camp has a fresh program offering even more value for money and MORE MAD Adventure  DAYS OUT for everyone.   

Fun packed adventures for children from 3 to 12 years old for 7 weeks of summer fun.

This year for everyone 6+ we will be off site having an adventure 3 days a week and on the other 2 days we will be bringing specialists to the Camp to bring Adventures and sports to life. We will be mixing it up with a little culture, sports, water fun and some unique experiments.

This year will be even better than last year. The under 6’s will be evaluated on site to see if they can go, and if they can we will get them out and about once a week, the day will be dedicated for everyone to get out and let go.

We have been offering Adventure activities for tourists and children alike over the last 10 years and it’s our professional guides that will be ensuring the children have a wild time on their adventures with all the safety you would expect of a well known brand. We are lucky to be in partnership with Escola Global who offers us a safe environment with facilities to provide lunch, changing facilities, a weatherproof venue and of course a dedicated play zone for 3-5years. They also allow us to bring the adventure to the school! With climbing walls, zip lines, archery, water slides and so much more.  

 Camp will run 9-14.00 or lunch can be added so there’s more fun from 9-16.00. For early birds before 9am please pop us a message.

Which week is what?

Week 1  26th June – 30th June  – Sea And Cliff Adventures – Kayak, Ziplining into the Sea, Glass Bottom Boat dolphin spoting, Cliff jumping and all things under the sea.

Week 2  3rd July – 7th July – Urban Sports Week  - mountain biking, Bowling, martial arts, parkour sessions and everything in Urban city life.

Week 3 10th July – 14th July – Caves and Night Sky. Discover caving for real, planetarium visits, astrology, pre historic communication, caves of campanet.

Week 4 17th July – 21st July – Climbing to new heights, Rock climbing, Dock 39 wall and surf session, competition’s on our own wall, jugle park 

Week 5 24th July  – 28th July -  Warrior Training – Boot Camp, agility training, water warrior course, Zip Line, mounted police, 

Week 6 31st July  – 4th August –  Sea and Cliff part 2  Aquarium, Sup, Giant Sup, Kayak and cliff jumping, water caves,

Week 7 7th  August -11th August  - Best of the Best, - The Best activities Of the Week, warriors course,


What are the age groups? 

We will have 4 age categories with levels of activities to suit. 

Nature Guardians 1 (3 years old to 4 years old)

Nature Guardians 2 (4 years old to 5 years old)

Young Explorers (6 years old to 8 years old)

Thrill Seekers (9 years old to 12 years old)

These groups will not be exclusive, and we will ask for the names of friends as we realise children may have friends of a different age. We will publish the list at the beginning of every week so that your child knows who she or he is with.

We will run a WhatsApp group to communicate with parents – important information and photos.

This sounds expensive! 

With the rising transport costs prices have soared and we realize that everyone wants a good deal however rather than drop our standards we want to continually reach for new adventures and experiences and will not cut corners with the safety of our children or their experiences.

Do the children need extra equipment?

All your child’s safety wear including wetsuit, buoyancy aid, helmet and necessary equipment for our adventures are included as is transport insurance and qualified guides. 


What does my Child need to bring?

  • A rucksack.
  • Large bottle of water. 
  • Swimwear and towel. 
  • Sun cream to be applied before coming and we will ensure regular breaks for further application.  
  • Sun Hat. 
  • Children must wear sports clothes and shoes.
  • Spare change of clothes. 
  • Snack / lunch - lunch and extra hours are available for 60 euros a week each with a minimum of 15 children needed to ensure this is available. 
  • Any medication your child is taking along with a doctor’s certificate and instructions for administration.
  • Requirements: Ages 3 – 12