Torrent de Paries
Minimum Age

April - October
From €59.90

Trekking torrent de pareis is one of the most spectacular walks here in Mallorca, and is a must see for any walker. We have over 50 different walking and trekking routes available with qualified Spanish guides and transport.

Mallorca is famous for trekking and with the mountains now a world heritage site it is attracting even more walkers than before. Whilst trekking is an experience many are happy to do alone to understand mallorca we recommend taking a guide not only to save time but also so you can share the history of this fantastic island and take it home with you.

Torrent de Pareis is a famous landmark in Mallorca, not only is it home to one of Europes leading canyons it also boasts some of the best Gorge walking available in the Balearic Islands.

Our qualified instructors will tour this famous canyon alongside you it is not recommended to do this walk without a guide. They will teach scrambling techniques, share their knowledge of fawn and flora but most importantly take those special pictures as proof that you were there.

We cater for experienced trekking groups and nature lovers no matter what the level.

This is the ultimate in adventure trekking......... a must do for every hiker, walker or dedicated trekking group coming to Mallorca.


When can I do it? 

you can do the torrent de Paries from April – October , we recommend the spring time so that its not to hot inside those stone walls.


What’s included ?

We include transport from all main resorts, Insurance a qualified guide and equipment. Price for 1-4 people is 240 euros. After that every additional person is 59.90. If you are a small group of 2 please just pop us a call and we will arrange a group if possible to save you money.